This group is only open to Muscat Mum Paid Members whom are expecting. 

Are you expecting a baby?

Are you looking for advice and guidance as to what you can expect as a new parent?

Are you looking to meet other mums to make friendships and share stories/ experiences with?

Then Muscat Mums have got you covered!

We are working in collaboration with Nine Oman to support you on your journey to becoming a parent and welcoming your new addition to the family.

When you join Muscat Mums as an expectant parent you will benefit from:

  • Access to discounted courses with Nine Oman
  • Joining a whatsapp group with other new mums to be to gain support, make friendships and share stories
  • Business partner discounts
  • Parenting books from our book library
  • Access to our resource pages detailing a range of things from Antenatal services to parks in Muscat.
  • Member of our private FB page

Once you have your new arrival you will go up to our 'Babes' group and also benefit from:

  • Access to all our libraries inc. Toy, Book, Cakes & Bakes and Baby gear
  • Access to Muscat Mum events

To view the courses available by Nine Oman take a look below.

And all of this for just 10 OMR per year! To join please click here. 


At NINE, we aim to help couples gain confidence about becoming parents. Our center compliments the clinical services that couples receive in hospital during pregnancy. We believe in a holistic approach that incorporates both body and mind. Effective preparation for childbirth improves birth outcomes and increases the satisfaction of the childbirth experience for women. This is why we offer a full spectrum of services that have been designed to support, inform and educate. Our childbirth education classes prepare couples for labor and caring for the newborn with up-to-date information and practical tips. Our home visit service provides hands on support for common challenges faced with breastfeeding and care of the newborn.


"Having the support and knowledge of the Muscat mums network was so helpful when I was expecting my second child, as it was my first pregnancy here in Oman. I had no idea where to start when finding the right hospital, prenatal classes etc, but their advice saved me so much time and I’m still in touch with all the other new mums.

I was so lucky to have the support of Tracey from Nine Oman with a six week postnatal package . She came to see me in the hospital within hours of me giving birth and supported my choice to breastfeed which I had really struggled with after my first child. When lockdown started in Muscat, Tracey linked up daily with me online and was at the end of a phone 24/7. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Sarah Derbyshire, October 2020

NINE Birthing ball exercise with our Midwife Cost:   Class length:  

From 12 weeks of pregnancy until end of pregnancy.

Class benefits:

  • Strengthen the muscles which are involved in delivery, making the delivery easier
  • Help relieve lower back pain and hip pain which will ease tension at the front of your bump when it may be feeling tight.
  • Will aide sleep at night meaning more energy for the day. 

Group class:

  • 10 OMR per class
  • 50 OMR for 6 classes


Private class:

  • 25 OMR per class
  • 100 OMR for 5 classes
 50 - 60 minutes

NINE Workshops Cost: Workshop length:

Labor & Birth Workshop

From 24 weeks pregnant

Workshop benefits: 

  • Be familiar with anatomy and physiology or reproductive organ during labor
  • The importance of antenatal care, hygiene and mental health (emotional and psychological) during pregnancy.
  • Nutritional advice and nutrition issues during pregnancy
  • Distinguish between false and true pain/pregnancy warning signs
  • Non pharmacological pain reduction methods during labor i.e. massage, music, aromatherapy and acupressure
  • Stages of labor
  • Breathing techniques
  • Post birth recovery
  • Support with writing birth plan and how to be ready
  • Viewing of birth video or brief animation of birth

Group: 120 OMR

Private: 180 OMR (Private includes free midwife consultation) 

Group:     4 to 5 hours

Private:    3 to 4 hours

Baby & Breastfeeding workshop

From 24 weeks pregnant

Workshop benefits: 

  • Importance of breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding physiology and the hormones
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Nutritional needs during breastfeeding
  • How to increase breastmilk production
  • Common problems you may encounter during breastfeeding

Group: 120 OMR

Private: 180 OMR (Private includes free midwife consultation) 

Group: 120 OMR

Private: 180 OMR (Private includes free midwife consultation)

Group: 80 OMR

Private: 100 OMR

Group:     3 hours

Private:    2 to 3 hours 

 Birth preparation refresher course  Private: 60 OMR 2 to 3 hours

NINE ConsultationCost:  Duration 
Midwife Consultation (Labor & Birth)60 OMR 60 minutes 
Breastfeeding Consultation40 OMR 60 minutes
Lactation Consultation40 OMR60 minutes
Breach Baby Consultation40 OMR60 minutes
Consultation Breach Baby Exercise 40 OMR 60 minutes

NINE Home ServiceCost: Duration:  
Home visit with Midwife Nasrin 45 OMR 60 minutes 
Maternity Nurse Service 

12 hours single baby: 96 OMR

3 consecutive nights: 258 OMR

8 OMR per hour: minimum 8 hour shift 


 NINE Hydrotherapy & MassageCost:  Duration: 

Single session: 25 OMR

Package (4 sessions): 80 OMR

Special needs: Customised

60 minutes

NINE PackagesCost: 


  • Birthing ball exercise from 6-9 months (unlimited)
  • Labor & Birth workshop
  • Baby & Breastfeeding workshop
  • 2 x midwife consultation 
  • Midwife support through WhatsApp 
350 OMR

Well Baby

  • 5 x midwife home visits
  • Well baby clinic weekly attendance until your baby is 6 weeks old 
200 OMR

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